Cylinder head installation advice

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Our installation advice for your cylinder head:

-> Work must be carried out by a trained and skilled person
-> Check that the supplied cylinder head matches the engine type
-> Check that the supplied cylinder head has no transport damage
-> Check that everything is correct with the agreements made

-> Never place the cylinder head on the head gasket surface; this may damage the mating surface or valves
-> Try to determine the cause of the cylinder head damage and fix it first
-> Check the cylinder walls and pistons for damage and remove coal residue
-> Place pistons halfway during installation to avoid contact with valves
-> Clean all parts to be transferred thoroughly and check them for wear or damage
-> Check the engine's head gasket interface for damage and deformation
-> Clean the mating surface and bolt holes, pay attention to the roughness of the block (as fine as possible)
-> Always use new bolts (when required) of the correct dimensions
->Install the head gasket of the correct thickness and type with the right side up
-> Follow the prescribed attraction couples and order
-> Make sure the distribution timing signs are correct and install new timing belts and pan/bypass rollers
-> Allow hydraulic plungers to rest for at least one hour after installation to adjust. Preferably let it rest overnight
-> Adjust the valve clearances for fixed pushers/valve plates with an additional 0.05mm margin
-> After adjusting the distribution, first rotate the engine by hand for two revolutions to make sure that the valves do not touch the piston
-> Always replace the oil, oil filter, thermostat and coolant according to the types and type indications prescribed by the factory
-> Check the radiator and water pump for leaks and operation
-> In the case of an LPG installation, always run the engine on petrol for the first 1000 kilometers and then adjust the installation
-> Check ignition setting/injection system/fuel pump
-> Take a test drive and check everything again

If you have any questions, please contact the sales department.

  • Go through all the points in the installation advice
  • Our experience, take advantage of it!
  • Better to prevent in advance than to cure afterwards

Please note that the above information is intended only as advice to our customers. No rights can be derived from the information. Manufacturer guidelines always take precedence.

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