Air conditioning pump installation advice

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Our installation advice for your air conditioning pump:

-> Work must be carried out by a trained and skilled person
-> Check that the supplied air conditioning pump is the correct type
-> Check the supplied air conditioning pump for any (transport) damage

-> The cause of damage to the old compressor must be identified and remedied. The problem is usually not with the compressor itself but in the air conditioning system. Defective parts must be replaced
-> If the oil is not spotlessly clean and with internally contaminated systems (e.g. grinding), the entire air conditioning system must be rinsed with ac flush fluid to prevent any blockages and wear on the newly installed compressor. So always take an oil sample
-> Replacing the filter dryer/accumulator and expansion valve/orifice tube is necessary when installing the new air conditioning compressor. The filter dryer/accumulator must be installed last. Vacuum and fill immediately afterwards
-> Before mounting, make sure that the new a/c compressor is filled with oil. See also paragraph 9
-> To fill the air conditioning system, it is necessary to vacuum for at least 30 minutes
-> Only fill the air conditioning system over the high pressure side (D) to prevent liquid stroke
-> Switch the air conditioning system on and off a few times when a new a/c compressor is installed
-> TIP: Your air conditioning system must be filled with the correct amount of oil. With a closed system, you can determine the correct filling amount as follows (only applies if your system is not rinsed): After emptying the system, you can read/measure the amount of oil drained. Drain and collect oil from the dismantled old pump. Add both amounts together and that is the minimum amount that needs to be added. NOTE: Too much oil can cause fluid stroke!

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  • Better to prevent in advance than to cure afterwards

Note: The above information is intended to provide advice to our customers only. No rights can be derived from the information. Manufacturer guidelines always take precedence.

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