Turbocharger installation advice

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Our installation advice for your turbocharger:

-> Work must be carried out by a trained and skilled person
-> Oil connections:
Completely dismantle the turbo oil supply and discharge lines and ensure that they are cleaned carefully. Mount the pipes to the turbo; make sure that liquid gaskets are never used. Don't forget to renew the engine oil and filter!
-> Air lines:
Always install a new air filter and clean the air intake tube. If an intercooler is installed, any oil residue must be removed. The turbo pressure line must also be carefully checked for any metal residues and then cleaned. Check the air-cooled intercooler for operation.
-> Mounting on the manifold:
The manifolds may still contain metal residues from the previous turbo damage. These must be removed. A ruptured manifold could damage the new turbo. Please check this carefully.
-> Crankcase breather and engine condition:
In many cases, the engine crankcase vent is connected to the turbo's air supply line. A clogged crankcase vent causes oil drain problems for the turbo. An engine that is in poor condition causes crankcase crashes that are blown into the engine by the turbo. This causes incomplete combustion and smoke nuisance. Also check the engine oil pressure.
-> Particulate Filter and Catalyst
Check for flow. In case of doubt, have it cleaned. Use a test report for this.
-> Testing:
Start the engine and let it idle for a few minutes. Convince yourself that sufficient engine oil is supplied to the turbo. Slowly increase the engine speed and check all connections for any leaks. In the case of a warm engine, all bolted connections must be checked. If necessary, adjust the wastegate carefully.

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Note: The above information is intended to provide advice to our customers only. No rights can be derived from the information. Manufacturer guidelines always take precedence.

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