Car dismantling

“Good use is reuse.”

Our car dismantling company is focused on the reuse of parts. During dismantling, we visually check the reusable car parts for quality and, where possible, technically test for correct operation. The components are entered into the software system with all their specifications, so that the history, nature and origin of the component also remains traceable. We then store the parts properly packaged and protected in our warehouse.

We process as many young damaged cars as possible of the latest types of all car brands/models common in the Netherlands with all types of drives and options. More than 1,500 damaged vehicles are dismantled to (almost) bare chassis every year.

Every year, our activities are audited and certified in terms of quality, environment and compliance by, among others, the VbV, RDW and the Environment Service. We are also affiliated with the Stiba trade association and certified according to KZD*** standards set by the STIBA trade association in cooperation with the major Dutch insurance companies (

- Car dismantling aimed at reusing parts

- KZD*** certified

- RDW recognition and affiliated with the Stiba and ARN trade association

Separation and disposal of residual materials

We dismantle cars in a professional and environmentally friendly way. In addition, we work with specialist equipment and dispose of harmful substances and residual materials separately. The use of a drainage system ensures that harmful liquids are removed from the car wreck. This concerns (contaminated) fuel such as gasoline and diesel, but also coolant, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid and oil. All fluids are separated and collected.

In addition to the liquids, certain metals, batteries and tires are also collected separately for processing into raw materials for new products. Once all usable parts and materials intended for recycling have been removed from the car, the wreck is flattened and placed in a container. The container is then brought to the recycling company, which is responsible for shredding the rest of the materials.

Autodemontage gericht op hergebruik van onderdelen
KZD*** gecertificeerd
RDW erkenning en aangesloten bij branchevereniging Stiba en ARN