Installation advice: automatic gearbox

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Our installation advice for your automatic gearbox:

-> Work must be carried out by a trained and skilled person
-> Check that the delivered bin is the correct type
-> Check the delivered bin for any (transport) damage
-> Check all oil seals for leaks. When in doubt, renew.


-> When equipped with an external oil cooler:
In order to claim any warranty, you must always “demonstrably” renew the oil cooler. You should clean the oil lines from bin to cooler carefully. A clogged and/or contaminated system can cause a lot of damage to the new bin.
-> When equipped with an integrated oil cooler:
Normally, we supply the automatic gearbox with oil cooler. You can just leave it alone. If it is damaged or not included, you must renew it. Never overbuild the old bin! A clogged and/or contaminated system can cause a lot of damage to the new bin.
-> Torque converter: Make sure that the torque converter is deep enough in the box and that it does not slide forward during installation
-> Oil filling: Always follow the dealer specification for viscosity, filling quantities and filling procedure.
Note: Many bins have multiple oil systems, make sure all systems are filled correctly.
-> Inspection: After the test drive, check the oil level again and check for any leaks
-> Follow (dis) assembly instructions according to factory data (tightening torques, etc.)

-> Oil seals are out of warranty
-> Return the old bin to Klein Gunnewiek (unless otherwise agreed)

For any questions, please contact our sales department.

  • Go through all the points in the installation advice
  • Our experience, take advantage of it!
  • Better to prevent in advance than to cure afterwards

Note: The above information is intended to provide advice to our customers only. No rights can be derived from the information. Manufacturer guidelines always take precedence.

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