Engine installation advice

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Our installation advice for your motorcycle:

-> Work must be carried out by a trained and skilled person
-> Is the delivered engine the same as the old one? (same engine code)
-> Check for any (transport) damage
-> Resolve the cause of damage to the old engine
-> For used engines: check all oil seals for leaks and, if in doubt, renew them

-> Refresh the gasket ring under the oil drain plug
-> Replace the oil and oil filter according to factory data
-> Pay attention to the correct amount and prescribed oil
-> Replace the complete distribution (possibly including the water pump)
-> When you need to convert the intake manifold, make sure it is clean
(it often contains metal particles from the broken engine, which also causes the new engine to break down)
-> Check the radiator for good flow and heat output (after installation, check that the
cooling engine (starts)
-> Have soot filters cleaned and tested, replaced if in doubt
-> Test or renew injectors, both diesel and petrol
-> Prevent electronic failures. Use electronic components such as the wiring harness, sensors, temperature sensors, etc. that come with the vehicle as much as possible.
-> Turbo engines: make sure that enough oil comes to the turbo and that the oil can also flow away resistantly (think, for example, of a kinked return line).
Make sure that all suction pipes/hoses and the intercooler are clean.
-> For diesel engines with an immobilizer on the fuel pump, it must be converted
(the entire pump or just the immobilizer)
-> Pay attention to assembly and assembly instructions according to factory data, tightening torques, etc.
-> Check the oil level after the test drive
-> After the test drive, check the engine for any leaks

-> The complete distribution
-> Head gasket (in consultation)
-> Leakage to water pump, hoses, gaskets and oil seals
-> Flywheel and clutch (pay particular attention to versions with a 2-mass flywheel)
-> Consequential damage due to the included turbo and/or fuel pump

For any questions and advice, please contact our sales department.

  • Go through all the points in the installation advice
  • Our experience, take advantage of it!
  • Better to prevent in advance than to cure afterwards

Please note that the above information is intended only as advice to our customers. No rights can be derived from the information. Manufacturer guidelines always take precedence.

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