Cylinder head revision

Cylinder head revision specialists

Revising a cylinder head may be necessary to get your engine running properly again. After diagnosis, our employees know exactly where a cylinder head needs to be machined and which parts need to be replaced. All operations such as honing, milling, drilling and flattening can be done in-house. After various quality checks and final cleaning, the cylinder head can leave our workshop.

Cylinder heads from various engine codes are available in stock, as are gaskets and head bolts. In our warehouse, we ensure good packaging so that the quality of gaskets, etc. is maintained during storage. We stand by our work and provide a 12-month warranty. Important here are our regulations for installing the cylinder head. See the “Advice” section for this.

- Revise the cylinder head for good engine operation

- Specialists carry out necessary operations and replace worn parts

- 12 months warranty

Reviseren cilinderkop voor een goede werking van de motor
Specialisten voeren nodige bewerkingen uit en vervangen versleten onderdelen
12 maanden garantie